NOTE: Selling only bags in shop section for now…

We are preparing a move to much larger space in an agricultural area so that we can expand. Our growth has been limited in the past years due to lack of space but that will be part of the past soon.
Because of all the work that awaits us we have decided to stop producing spawn until we are settled.
We will provide pictures of our new space in the near future on our Facebook page. If you are not already following us feel free to like our Facebook page.

Thank you.

What is this about?

MushroomHobby is passionate about growing mushrooms and sharing knowledge with hobbyists around the world. 

Our goal is to share information with hobbyists in the form of blogs and recipes. We also provide products to the Canadian hobbyists to allow them to be successful in producing edible mushrooms.

You will be able to find blogs on grain spawns, mycelium, agar dishes up to how to fruit and even recipes on how to cook the fruits we have worked so hard to produce. Recipe section still under development.

The fun thing about the hobby is that there are a lot of options available to you and nothing is really set in stone. There are different ways to accomplish the same thing and it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

Please see our blogs section covering more specific subjects about the fun world of growing mushrooms.

***  (We do not sell Internationally. We sell and ship in Canada only) ***

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